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All Star Shoe Gum Page

All Star Gum

All Star Gum is a non-toxic solvent & alcohol free alternative to Shoe Goo, developed & manufactured in France. All Star Gum is a glue to repair skate shoes, specially designed to withstand the friction grip, it can also be applied on T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts to create designs, while being resistant to washing. Easy to apply All Star Shoe Gum can be smoothed with a finger dipped in a solution of water & dishwashing liquid.

All Star Gum is available in 3 different varieties, Original (black 100 ml tubes), Mini colour (black, white & brown 30 ml tubes) & Ice (clear 33 ml tubes).

For easy to follow instructions on how to apply All Star Gum please view our YouTube videos on this page.

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All Star Original Black 100 ml Tube All Star Mini Colour & Clear Ice Tubes